Local Democracy Project 2022/23

“One day, I want to be the Mayor of Prescot”

This is what one Year 6 pupil said when leaving Prescot Town Hall having successfully completed Prescot Town Council’s Local Democracy Project.

Originally conceived by Cllr Joanne Burke as a way of increasing awareness of the role of the Town Council, Year 6 pupils from primary schools across the town were invited to spend the day at Prescot Town Hall to learn about what the Town Council does and what the roles of the Mayor, a councillor and Town Clerk are. 

Speaking before day one of the Local Democracy Project, Mayor of Prescot Cllr Joanne Burke said “The whole purpose of this project is to effectively engage with young people across the town, to make them aware of the pivotal role which the Town Council plays locally and to help inspire young people to become an active part within their community.  We are hoping that this project lays the foundations for future decision-makers or community activists, and that those who help their communities in the future can think back and say it all started with my visit to Prescot Town Hall.

The Local Democracy Project comprises of:-

  • Guided Tour of Prescot Town Hall including Council Chamber
  • Presentation on the Roles and Responsibilities of Prescot Town Council
  • Meet and greet by Town Mayor, Councillor and Town Clerk where the roles and responsibilities of each are explained and time set aside for questions and answers.
  • Break out session to develop a Council motion on ways to improve a local issue
  • Interactive quiz
  • Mock Council Meeting where motions are presented before councillors
  • Presentation to those who have successfully completed the Local Democracy Project.








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