Tesco Mobile Reconnects – See if your eligible

Tesco mobile have launched a two year digital inclusion partnership.
The two-year partnership is the cornerstone of ‘Tesco Mobile Reconnects’, which between now and 2023, will see Tesco Mobile commit to giving over £2.4 million worth of phones, devices and connectivity to help vulnerable and disadvantaged people reconnect with society.

If you know of a service user who is in need of a device or connectivity, a request can be submitted by emailing tescomobile.littlehelps@tesco.com.

Its literally that easy just email them referencing Tesco Mobile Reconnects, how it would benefit a service user and what devices are needed and hopefully they will send one out to them.


Also don’t forget about the offer of cheap connection for those that have a device and are on benefits from VOXI below.


A phone company, VOXI, are providing unlimited data, calls and texts for any individuals on JSA, ESA and Universal Credit for £10 a month. Anyone eligible can apply for this up to 31st January 2021 and the offer lasts for 6 months. No credit checks are done, nor is there a contract to sign. Payment is via a payment card.


Anyone eligible can apply through the link below – they will need to upload a photo of proof of benefits.