Recent proposals from our principal authority Knowsley Council have identified 17 public open spaces across Knowsley for sale to housing developers. Included in the list of 17 is our much loved and well used Brown’s Field aka King Gerorge V Memorial Playing Fields Prescot.

The Town Council with the support of local residents have responded to KMBC’s proposal highlighting what it believes to be short comings in the overall approach and particularly the site selection process, a summary of which can be seen here Summary of Town Council response to KMBC , full version here Knowsley Greenspace Trust – Response Feb 2018

In order to protect the future of our parks we need you to voice your opinion and contact the decision makers at Knowsley Council to let them know how you feel about the loss of a vital part of Prescot’s Green Space. In order to support your complaint a proforma letter highlighting the short comings identified above is provided below. You don’t have to use this letter and well may use it as a basis for your own complaint, but if you do use it it is very important that each letter is treated separately and in its own right. In order to facilitate this you must include your name and address at the top, thereby making each letter individual. Once you have completed your letter you can send it to or  visit and make your complaint there. The only way we will save our parks is by making KMBC aware of your opinion as a resident and elector.

Complaint Letter