Leader of the Town Council Responds to New York Times Article

Having read Mr Goodman’s article, it is undeniable that Prescot is hurting from the effects of the Central Government austerity policy as are many other areas. This Government’s austerity policy has led to some of the less palatable local policies such as the proposed sale of green spaces.

Prescot Town Council has worked hard with local residents to develop and propose an alternative plan that would retain the Town’s greenspaces. The loss of such a free public amenity is an extremely important issue and we hope that our alternatives are given consideration by Knowsley Council in any fourth-coming decisions regarding this subject.

It is however our opinion that Mr Goodman’s article has overlooked the many positive aspects of our town’s development and regeneration, such as the addition of the new Shakespeare North theatre which is a considerable investment and has already started to reinvigorate the Town. There is a positive feel in Prescot with new investment in other local amenities such as a Restaurant, Hotel, micro pub, new Fire and Police Station and public realm improvements which will complement our existing infrastructure.

For the record Prescot still has a Library and Museum in Prescot in a centrally located venue.

Prescot Town Council has recently worked with a host of partners including, Knowsley Council, to relaunch the ‘Love Prescot’ website which will showcase all that is great about our town, and we expect to launch this at the Annual Prescot Carnival on 24th June 2018.

Cllr Stephen Pimblett – Leader of Prescot Town Council