Volunteers act to combat vandalism in our parks

Whilst we all love the sunshine of summer months, unfortunately they also seem to bring with them a craze for causing damage to our much loved parks. 

So far mindless vandals have caused damage to the bespoke Welcome mural (£600 to repair and repaint), cut holes in the bowling green fence (£400 per panel) and snapped newly planted trees (£300 each). 

The cost of the vandalism means that monies allocated to improving the park for all are now being spent on repairs and target hardening measures to protect what we have, rather than making the park better for all. 

If your children hang around on our parks that’s brilliant that is what they are there for but have a word with them and tell them they should be enjoyed by all not damaged so that that enjoyment ruins the enjoyment for others. If they come home with anti vandal paint on them they have been up to no good, you only get this stuff on you if you are somewhere you should not be. Anti Vandal paint will ruin your cloths and takes ages to clean off your skin. 

Today a team of volunteers from the Friends of Eaton Street Park assisted by officers from Prescot Town Council and the resident Gardener from Knowsley Council took steps to target harden the bowling green from further vandalism by planting a hedge made up of Hawthorn and Pyracantha along with the use of anti vandal paint in strategic points. Once established Hawthorn and Pyracantha will not only provide a formidable barrier but also a beautiful hedge feature of orange and white that is absolutely  loved by wildlife.