Council Agree Precept Freeze

Last night Prescot Town Council agreed to Freeze the Precept for 2021/2022

The decision to take such action has been largely influenced by the remaining uncertainty around the COVID 19 pandemic. The Council are keenly aware of the difficult situation faced by many of our residents and whilst even a small rise of 5% would only equate to an extra £4.44 a year or 9 pence a week the Council did not want impose any additional cost on residents at this time, particularly when other precepting authorities are planning to do so.  Obviously this action cannot be sustained indefinitely but at a time of global crisis such as we are in it was considered to be a reasonable and appropriate decision.

Not only have the Town Council frozen the precept but it has also been able to increase spending on front line services. This budget sees an increase of 16% on Community Provision and Events with the addition of two community clean up days and a Christmas Selection Pack Giveaway to every child in a Prescot Primary School. Both of these additions were introduced last year and proved such successes that provision was made to ensure they could be continued.

This budget also see’s an additional 10% invested in Public Open Space and Outdoor Provision. The Town Council place great value in its parks and open spaces as the free resource that all residents can enjoy. Green Spaces are a vital part of our community infrastructure contributing in a variety of ways to the health and well-being of all that use them, even if it is just to enjoy the simple visual amenity. We are very proud of the fact that one of our sites Eaton Street Recreation Ground holds a prestigious Green Flag Award and we are currently working on a submission for the same award at Browns Field. Both of these sites have been vital during the pandemic and have provided a much needed space in which to unwind, exercise and escape.