Coronavirus Update – Prescot Town Council

In accordance with Government Guide to avoid unnecessary gatherings and support effective social distancing Prescot Town Hall will be closed for all public accessible activities with effect from 5:30pm tonight (20th March 2020). This closure will remain in place until government guidance advises otherwise or the building is re-purposed to support the community in other ways.

Staff will continue to work from the building during normal office hours but will observe social distancing protocols if you need to contact the Town Council please do so by phone or email.

The Town Council are also in process of developing a basic food support package for social isolated individuals and families who are financially disadvantaged as a result of their isolation and cannot order food on line. At present we have no stocks of food so if you can donate please contact us and let us know if you can help with donations.

Finally social distancing does not mean you must stay in doors, you can get a breath of fresh air or let the kids blow off some steam at Brown’s Field (KGV Prescot) and Eaton Street Park. Just ensure you follow good practice, keep your distance from others and use hand sanitiser when coming into contact with surfaces others may have touched.