Planning in Prescot

Prescot Town Council is not responsible for administering or determining planning applications within the Town. That responsibility falls under Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council’s (KMBC) remit as the Planning Authority for the borough.

The Town Council do however play an active role in the planning process. As a primary consultee all planning applications inside the town boundary are forwarded to the Council by KMBC on a weekly basis. Each application is then reviewed by members of the council, who then decide if the application requires them to comment. The vast majority of applications within the Town are for simple developments such as extensions to private residences, therefore in these instances the council will usually refrain from making a comment. When larger or more controversial developments are proposed the Council will usually make a comment in support or objection to the application. There is no guidance for making comments in support of an application, but for comments in objection there is a comprehensive set of guidance that covers things such as Highway Safety, Loss of Visual Amenity etc. Anyone can view planning applications in Prescot by accessing the KMBC website and going through the Public Access system, the below will take you directly to there.


Comments made by Prescot Town Council

Land Adjacent To 13 Brookside Road And To Rear Of 2-16 Brookside Close

77A Eccleston Street July 2019

Roundabout Signage

Land At Greenwood Close, Cross Lane And At Former Watch Factory Site, Off Bookbinders Lane Prescot Knowsley

Site of Former Watch Making Factory 15.06.2017

Former Prescot Methodist Church, 8 Atherton Street, Prescot 21.02.2017

Red Lion 21 Market Place Prescot 06.02.2017

Land at 20 – 22 High Street Prescot 16.01.2017

Land at Mill Street Prescot 31.05.2016

Whittakers Garden Centre, Liverpool Road Prescot 31.05.16

National Tyre And Autocare Kemble Street Prescot 01.07.2015

Letter of an Objection about Whittakers Triangle and Carr Lane Prescot 13.11.2014

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